Design - Covers, Manuscripts & More

I do book manuscript formatting and cover design. I also do other  types of design – social media, book promos, advertising, etc.

Most writers (including myself) would rather be writing instead of marketing, but it has to be done. You’ve worked for months (or years) on your manuscript. Now, it’s time to take it to the printed page. Novel, nonfiction, art book or family memoir, I can help you get your book into the hands of your audience.

Custom Website Design for Authors & Others

Every author needs a website if you are serious about your career as a writer. It takes a lot to promote yourself above the rest. A website is the place to start. I do all types of websites whether for a small business or a site for your art portfolio or book releases—I’m here to help you create a site that will be a window into you and your work.


Released July 2021: Road Noise

DJ just wanted a life uncomplicated. Instead, she was barely 40 with four failed relationships, frequent panic attacks, and a witty preteen son with ADD. She decided to run. Well, more like a tame three-month road trip. She also made a decision about men. At least for now, she would think of them like dessert. She would avoid them except for the occasional short-term indulgence, usually resulting in remorse and quickly taking a digestive enzyme.

I inhaled this book, nearly in one sitting. The writing transports you along the adventure. If you are a parent there are so many universal truths that resonate, along with the triumph of a woman finding her way through this journey of life. Loved it, can’t wait for her next release!—P. Moratto


Some of you know me from my travel stories at my old website, Live Laugh Roll.  In 2014 I quit my job in Silicon Valley and became a contractor so I could control my life a little better and write more creatively. I traveled in my tiny trailer by myself for 18 months and loved every minute. It eventually became lonely and I settled, for now, in the sunny and warm southwest.

Then, June 2020. Bored, deep into the pandemic and with all my clients in holding patterns, I decided to do a large fabric art project I had been thinking about for 15 years. With the aid of some grippy bottom shoes, I fell off the ladder onto the pointy tip of my elbow. A year later, the doctor broke it again in a second surgery. 

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