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My Latest book: Road Noise

​Coming Soon
Road Noise is a powerful, honest memoir of Lynn’s 12,000-mile road trip with her eleven-year-old son. Debbi Lynn, a forty-year-old, single mother, pulls back the curtain on her life exposing decades of trauma and her plan to heal. She recounts their journey through more than 300 majestic landscapes, national parks, museums, and ghost towns while discovering new bonding experiences with her son through horseback riding, camping, hiking, and rediscovering humanity in conversations with strangers.

Current Project: Estate Sale Web App

Personalized websites and phone app for short-term estate or moving sales. 

  • Individual sellers
  • Real estate agents helping sellers
  • HOA or neighborhood sale
  • Church bazaar
  • Street fair
  • Small estate sale liquidator

Client Work: memoir book

An Emotional Photo​ Memoir to Commemorate a Personal Journey

Experiences that change a person—that teach and expand the mind—these are the things that make life exciting. Sharing personal stories inspire and resonate with readers, but they also solidify memories and the events of our lives that will reside forever within our souls.

It’s Time To Write a Memoir—Even if Few Read It. 

Tell the story you want to tell. Preserve your experiences, traumas, and achievements.

Share your legacy not just for your family, but into history.


Some of you know me from my travel stories at my old website, Live Laugh Roll.  In 2014-2015 I traveled in my tiny trailer I called the Writer’s Retreat. I traveled by myself for 16 months and met  amazing people. Travelers are interesting people. A few of those stories are on the blog here, and others I am turning into a book of short stories.

I’ve always had the desire to travel and write more. In 2016 I went to Costa Rica for several months and then in 2018 I went to Spain. When I got back, I decided I wanted to spend a lot more time in Europe. I had planned to go back at the end of 2020.

Then, all our plans got slammed. Between the pandemic, the shattered elbow (read about that in the blog), and the closed borders, those plans have been postponed. In the meantime, I keep working and writing and will hopefully see you at a couple of readings either in person or online in 2021.