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Here is my life in a nutshell – excerpts at best, and my side of the story.

Writing has been my career. Mostly business in the past, but in the last ten years, I turned toward the creative (harder, but a lot more fulfilling).

I had to make a major adjustment though. 

I am now the writer with the shattered arm.

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Just Released: Road Noise

Road Noise is the true story of Lynn’s 12,000-mile road trip with her pre-teen son. DJ, a forty-something single mother, pulls back the curtain on her life exposing decades of trauma and her plan to heal. She recounts their journey through more than 300 majestic landscapes, national parks, museums, and ghost towns while discovering new bonding experiences with her son through horseback riding, camping, hiking, and rediscovering humanity in conversations with strangers.

“DJ Lynn exposes her past and the cynicism that drove her to the point of collapse. With intelligent insights and wit, DJ takes us through her journey of 12,000 miles with her young son while trying to quiet the noise of the past and raise her voice for a better future.” —JT Talburton


Some of you know me from my travel stories at my old website, Live Laugh Roll.  In 2014 I quit my job in Silicon Valley and became a contractor so I could control my life a little better and write more – creatively. I traveled in my tiny trailer by myself for 16 months and loved every minute. It eventually became lonely and I settled, for now, in the sunny and warm southwest.

Then, June 2020. Bored, deep into the pandemic and with all my clients in holding patterns, I decided to do a large fabric art project I had been thinking about for 15 years. With the aid of some grippy bottom shoes, I fell off the ladder onto the pointy tip of my elbow. That was just the beginning…

I am now the writer with the shattered arm.