We Have To Believe In Magic

What I’m watching while babysitting my shattered elbow…

As we know there’s a lot of crap on TV that you have to wade through to get to a few good shows. I stream because I cannot take commercials, so that means Netflix and Amazon Prime with Starz and HBO. I also subscribe to Masterclass and a Spanish learning app in an attempt to absorb something more constructive.

I like sci-fi and fantasy so The Travelers and The Expanse are good. I’m trying to get a handle on Umbrella Academy but struggling with how this trainwreck of a group is going to save the world.  I don’t bother with shows that only have one season so that presents some limitations. Multiple binges: Grimm & Black Sails. I love a good pirate movie and note – there is a lot of running with swords but also some seriously fine nudity and sex including some full frontals (men, too!). Storyline, costuming, and acting is brilliant.

Good Girls:  Excellent

Girlfriends Guide To Divorce:  OMG.  The storyline was ok but the women are a hot mess. I had to turn away.

Of course I re-watched some old classics including all the Jaws and Jurassic Parks, The Thing and IT, as well as all the Tom Hanks movies I could find including Big but ignoring Sleepless in Seattle, and lots of stand-up comedy.  Also loved Money Heist and the professor and his passionate crew.

There were, and still are, a few times when my arm hurt or I was freaked out feeling like the metal plates might pop out the back during physical therapy and I needed something to make me smile. When I needed a lift I watched something with Hugh Grant or Tom Hanks or Xanadu. Yes, that’s the crazy movie with Olivia Newton John that opened 40 years ago today – August 8th 1980. Terrible acting and the silliest animated scene that I think was scavenged from the Disney cutting floor. And then you have The Tubes … which was an odd choice. If you can put aside the acting, the roller skating (so 70s but still fun) and leg warmers  (I lived in those!) then what you have left is the outstanding soundtrack (listen here) and dance.

Right now, 2020 is most certainly the year we have to believe in magic.