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Coming February 2022

Music of Us Comes with  Spotify Playlist link (to be announced) An impassioned music score is the backdrop for a steamy on-screen romance being filmed along the beaches of Santa Cruz, California. During the film shoot, the leads Ryan and Josh discover a powerful friendship and intimacy that propels them far beyond their expectations. But love makes us vulnerable, and this new relationship is in uncharted waters. Fear of the unknown will make them question their future.  When the film wraps, they’re forced to choose whether to follow their heads or their hearts. Yes. It is an M/M romance!  First in a long series. Book 2 Dry Drowning is coming out at the same time (I’m holding both to release together). Book 3 is already outlined and takes a mysterious turn! Will they give up acting and turn into sleuths?

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Not shy, rude, or antisocial. Just an introvert.

I just finished Book #1 of my series called Music of Us. In the front of the book, I include a page called Why I’m Writing This Series.  Here’s what it says – with a few more comments added: The first reason I write anything is because I like the subject and want to write about it or I have some personal understanding of the subject matter that I think would be fun to include in a book. But this series goes deeper for me. … For as long as I can remember, I have been haunted by the realization that anyone that identifies as a gender other than heterosexual spends much of their young years, and often far beyond, tortured by society, friends, and family. The Music Of Us series is my feeble attempt to support those individuals who

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