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Just Released - July 2021

DJ just wanted an average life. Uncomplicated. Like everyone else she knew. It started in childhood, the outcast because of the religion of her parents. By the time she got to high school she had turned inward and the rape by one the jocks just furthered her distance from the world.

She was over 40 now and past the optimism of youth. Silicon Valley had not been the paradise promised by ambitious entrepreneurs. A woman had little place there. Four relationships had failed. There was the unambitious Marley, who spent his life surfing and waiting for his inheritance. On his heals was Tom, the narcissistic womanizer. Then Jason. She couldn’t hate him. He had more scars than she. But the one that brought her to this point was Jim, a man ten years younger who loved her just as she was. He had just died of leukemia.

When an opportunity presented itself to step away from the anger and frustrations of her current life, she took it. It would be a 3-month road trip with her preteen son.

The time had come. She had become socially and emotionally empty. Anxiety and panic attacks had put her in the ER more than once. The future was dimming, and this seemed the only lighted path to liberation. Would she find it on the dusty back roads and in the faces of strangers? 

“DJ Lynn exposes her past and the cynicism that drove her to the point of collapse. With intelligent insights and wit, DJ takes us through her journey of 12,000 miles with her young son while trying to quiet the noise of the past and raise her voice for a better future.”

—JT Talburton

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