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Road Noise

This book was released on Amazon last month, but I am waiting until March to start promotion due to the pandemic.

A powerful, honest memoir of Lynn’s 12,000-mile road trip with her eleven-year-old son. Debbi Lynn, a forty-year-old, single mother, pulls back the curtain on her life exposing decades of trauma that has let her defeated, angry and burdened with panic attacks that put her in the ER more than once. Three relationships had dramatically failed, a fourth ended when he died of leukemia. Her career was slipping away, and it felt as if everyone had either abandoned or disappointed her. Was it them? Was it her? She only knew that the impact was taking a toll on her young son.

People called him an old soul—clever and funny, but she knew he was on an edge—the age when innocence might soon give way to teenage rebellion. Were they just a pair of broken misfits or would some time alone heal wounds and put them on a better path?

As the days of the journey pass, old trauma and unresolved issues unfold as the faces of her anger and anxiety are recognized in the owners of sad roadside tourist attractions, unpleasant motel managers with suspicious looks and variable room rates, a Detroit motel with a bomb threat, and a crazy trucker that tried to drive them off the road in Nebraska. Yet, on those same backroads they shared remarkable moments of laughter and joy with strangers.

As an earthquake in the Ridgecrest sequence on the last day of the journey shook her out of bed, she decided it synchronicity, a sign that there is much to learn and a lot to smile about when you step out of your head and participate in life with absolute strangers. There is life thriving in a dark Louisiana swamp, in the observation of freedom from minimally clothed locals cooling in fountains in Chicago, in feeling the joy of an old woman playing bluegrass music on the dulcimer in Galax, Virginia, in chatting with traveling gospel singers about gem hunting in the Southwest, in breathing in the Hopi spirit while gazing over the Mesa Verde valley, and observing the resiliency of a hurricane-battered shoreline in Sopchoppy, Florida.

Sometimes you have to leave it all behind to discover what’s worth keeping.

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