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Debbi Lynn author of Elements, A sexy genre-bending sci-fi thriller

Sara, a data scientist, Jackson, Sara’s adult son with a Ph.D. in physics, Tom, a retired cartographer on the verge of mental collapse, and Drake, a gay former model turned AI gaming entrepreneur have discovered they have something extraordinary in common.

A strange being has brought them together for a world changing task. Their knowledge and unique abilities could save the future if they are willing to believe and act in time.

A sexy genre-bending sci-fi thriller that puts a humanity-altering twist on the danger of data collecting technologies. 

Debbi Lynn author, Dry Drowning

Adrian is a 30-something man with a trust fund. He spends his days surfing in Newport and his nights in the gay bars of Orange County while keeping his personal life secret from his family for fear of losing his inheritance.

His arrogance puts him at odds with other surfers but Adrian is indifferent until he meets Trevor. As their relationship grows, Adrian suffers a serious surfing accident but it’s fortunate Trevor was there to save his life. While in the hospital Trevor meets Adrian’s roommate Matthew and finds himself drawn to this kinder gentler man. Adrian’s family forces a choice. Will Adrian choose love or money?

Love and Lies by author Debbi Lynn

The perfect movie score is a backdrop for a steamy on-screen romance. Off screen the music is heartbreak.

Noah is playing the lead in a sweet and sexy gay love story set along the beaches of Santa Cruz, California. Both lovers in the movie are straight in their private lives until Noah meets Sean, the quiet and shy man behind the haunting music score. When the shooting is over for the day, Noah and Sean discover how much they have in common including surfing and music. But Noah’s connection with Sean is complicated as he finds himself falling for his co-star.

Coming - Spring 2022

Debbi DJ Lynn author, I'm Sorry Our Time Is Up

Orig. 2001/2016

Debbi Lynn author, Leaving Madmen

Limited Hardback Edition

Debbi Lynn author, In The Land of Bugs and Rain