Best Things I Got On Amazon

Living by yourself with broken parts presents a lot of problems. One of the biggest was opening things. I purchased quite a few things on Amazon but this under the cabinet jar opener was the best. Everyone needs one of these even if you don’t have a broken arm. The best part was, I installed it myself with one hand!

I discovered with this type of injury that they don’t want you in the splint that long. They want you out and moving the arm as much as possible – slowly of course. So there were things I thought I would need for the long haul – several months for instance – that I only needed for a couple weeks.

Things I bought but didn’t need –

Several types of arm slings and none of them fit right. Besides, within three weeks post surgery I really wasn’t wearing the splint during the day anyway so I didn’t need the slings or the extra stretch bandage wrap or cotton cast protectors.

Any over the arm plastic thing for showering. I tried several and what worked best was a trash bag and duct tape.

Absolutely needed. Best buys –

Shower chair but you’re going to need someone else to put it together.

A life saver was also the TV tables one for food and one I bought for my computer which I’m using right now. I put them together myself and use them all the time. One caution – wire them underneath to hold them steady.

I also set up my computers for speech dictation (in Gmail
too) and it works surprisingly well without a headset (I bought two headsets
and discovered I really didn’t need them).