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I Write. I Paint.

About 8 years ago, I was at a legal hearing. I was one of 5 witnesses in a business matter. The judge asked me about my work for the company. I said ‘writer’ trying to keep my answer short so we could all get out of there.

“What do you write?” he says.

“Boring stuff mostly—business and ops documents, reports, executive ebooks, marketing content …”, I shrugged bored with the definition of my daily routine.

Finally, we were done and excused by the judge and filed past him like a herd of cows. As I passed him he spoke to me—the judge was saying something. I turned toward him and said, “I’m sorry I didn’t hear you.”

He smiled and repeated his words, “I think you should write something else.”

OMG. The judge had personal advice for me!  A random comment that mattered to me more than he would ever know. His comment came at just the right time in my life—an unofficial mentor. And no, I really don’t think that was a flirt. Why would he bother? I was walking out of a court room not sitting at a bar staring at my Caribbean Martini. Besides, I am well over the age of incoming random flirts.

And so I did start writing other things and much of that started with travel. 

Some of you know me from the next part of the story. I bought a tiny trailer, called it the Writer’s Retreat and traveled by myself for 16 months in 2014-2015 documenting much of it at my old website, Live Laugh Roll. In 2016 I went to Costa Rica for several months where my son and I bought some property and I continued to write (some of that you can find under Short Stories). 

In 2018 I went to Spain. When I got back I decided I wanted to spend a lot more time there. I had planned to go back at the end of 2020. And then, all our plans got slammed. Between the pandemic and the shattered elbow (read about that in the blog) those plans have been postponed. In the meantime, I keep writing.

One of my favorite pictures (although, not that current) taken in one of my favorite places, Big Sur, California. I also loved that jacket and wore it until it shredded. This is a picture of me like I prefer myself—casual, windblown, and standing in the midst of some amazing place.