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Been in content production of all types for 20+ years. That includes marketing management and starting a public relations firm. Been a contractor since 2014. Current projects:

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Latest book:  Road Noise

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  • Disappearance of Sara Connor
  • I’m Sorry, Our Time Is Up (Dec. 2021)
  • Divorce: What Your Attorney Won’t Tell You (1991, Revised 2016, Discontinued)
  • In The Land of Bugs and Rain 
  • Running With Chickens (ghostwriting)
  • International Public Relations (2002 discontinued)

So, about the shattered arm ...

Here’s the incident brief –

I fell off a ladder doing an art project in June 2020. It was a direct hit to my elbow shattering it and various other parts of my arm into a bunch of pieces. Surgery put my arm back together utilizing a variety of metal, screws, new parts, and possibly some duct tape. Then, nine months later I had a second surgery just to remove scar tissue with the promise from my doctor that doing so would greatly improve my range of motion. My arm would be almost normal again – except that during surgery the doctor broke my distal humerus (one of the bones that hadn’t broken before). Oops.

I now have an permanently damaged arm with almost no range of motion. After spending the better part of two months laying on the couch binge watching pretty much everything, arm in a splint (for 2 months) and very itchy, and downing more than a few pain pills, I decided I had two choices; become addicted to pain pills or do something constructive.

So, I started a website ( Maybe I could at least support others while I tried to understand my arm injury – short and long term, as well as get a grip on my mental health, anger, and depression.